gently bap your passum

i dfont understand

bap youre pasum
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p much based on smilika’s kivan
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Guess who FINALLY got the chance to see How to train your Dragon 2 and still can’t get Toothless right
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Oh, Judas. That wound will take a long time to heal.

my Fugue Feast gift for scottishplayground
the prompt was “3. Billie finally meets the Outsider”!! i think it’s possible he tallked to her before the surge and have made snarky remarks about hurt and betrayal. 
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Michael Cinco A/W 2013
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I can’t tell what my favorite part is, but it’s either
scientists wasting budget and time to see if ants count their steps
the idea to put ants on stilts
there had to be a guy who made ant stilts and put them on the ants
confused ants

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I’m having some serious issues with clipping tonight

I am in a foul, bitter mood and my stomach keeps turning in on itself.

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Conversation overheard in the doctor’s office:
“Orthodontist? That’s the foot doctor, right?”
“Yeah! So why my dentist say I need one?”

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